6 Types of Farm Irrigation System

October 29,2021

Any kind of crop products cannot be separated from watering. Some crops may be more drought-resistant, and watering times will be less. Some crops need to be watered three or four times a day, especially in summer when water evaporates quickly. If you use conventional manual irrigation, the workload and work intensity will be greatly increased, some farmers can't achieve it at all. May be you need a farm irrigation system machinery? Which is better?


farm irrigation system machinery


Method one: drip irrigation


Drip irrigation is a watering method that is worthy of trying, but it also has a certain limit. This method must be used by vegetable farmers who are grown in greenhouses. Its working principle is to set up low-pressure water pipes in the greenhouse. The water pipes are crisscrossed and arranged on the ground. The low-pressure water pipes will control the speed of the water flow very slowly.


This advantage is that the watering speed is slow, which can keep the ground surface moist at all times, and save water resources. Moreover, it allows greenhouse vegetable farmers or fruit farmers to use low-pressure water pipes to put fertilizers or pesticides, so that all farm work is completed through low-pressure water pipes. What a cost-saving and labor-saving irrigation method!


Method two: sprinkler irrigation


On many public grasslands, we can see a faucet with sprinkler irrigation equipment that allows the faucet to rotate counterclockwise to spray water to the surrounding lawns and trees. That kind of watering method is sprinkler irrigation. All crops within the radius of sprinkler irrigation can enjoy water irrigation, covering a wide range, and the cost is much lower than drip irrigation. This sprinkler irrigation method is not suitable for crops that like moisture, because most of the sprayed water falls on the leaf surface, and the soil receives very little water, and it will evaporate quickly when it encounters high temperatures.


Method three: micro spray


This irrigation method is an improved version that combines sprinkler irrigation. Micro-sprinkler irrigation uses a rotary faucet and a radial faucet to spray the upper and lower layers of water. The soil environment is kept moist. This kind of watering method is more common in flower growers, because it can keep the flower room humidity and moisture.


Method four: flooding


Flood irrigation is a relatively crude irrigation method, that is, no ravines are made in the field, and irrigation water is allowed to overflow on the ground. The disadvantage of this irrigation method is that the uniformity of irrigation is poor, and the amount of water is wasted. Because of the many drawbacks of flood irrigation, it has been eliminated in many areas.


Method five: furrow irrigation


Furrow irrigation is a better irrigation method applied to arable crops. First, dig irrigation ditches between the crops. Irrigation is to moisten the soil through the penetration of the ditches to achieve the purpose of irrigation. The advantage is that it does not damage the soil structure and saves water. It is often used in the irrigation of wide-row crops such as cotton, corn, and sugarcane.


Method six: smart irrigation


Smart irrigation is actually an upgraded version of drip irrigation. It adds smart control on the basis of drip irrigation. The irrigation is controlled by soil moisture. The equipment uses sensors to monitor soil moisture data in real time. When the soil moisture is lower than the standard value, the system will automatically turn on the drip irrigation equipment. When the soil moisture reaches the standard value, the system automatically turns off the irrigation equipment. With the support of data, irrigation water can be saved to the utmost extent while ensuring soil moisture.


At present, smart irrigation is also popularized in many areas of our country, especially in many agricultural planting bases, smart irrigation has replaced drip irrigation. I believe that with the development of the agricultural planting industry, the popularization of smart irrigation will be inevitable. If you want to learn more about smart irrigation, we are farm irrigation system machinery factory, we are glad to serve you. Welcome to contact us by MFT@bengye.net.