Brief Introduction About Farm Irrigation System In France

November 02,2021

France is a developed country with a territory of 550,000 km2, and arable land plays a great role in this country as arable land accounts for 36.4% (20 million hm²) of the whole land. And French farm irrigation has achieved a great advance in its farm irrigation due to its intensive agricultural management by promoting underground drainage. Let’s have a look at the involution of farm irrigation system and the application farm irrigation system machinery in France.


farm irrigation system machinery


The transformation of French farm irrigation system


Surface irrigation stage


Before world War II the main irrigation method applied in France is surface irrigation, referring to the most original irrigation way to transmit water over the crops by gravity, mainly distributed in the Mediterranean coast. After the Second World War, with the progress of science and technology, farmers further realized the necessity of irrigation. Therefore they start to be actively committed to increase production and income, adding sprinkler irrigation on the basis ofthe original irrigation to improve water efficiency. In the area of 800,000 hm² of intensive irrigation in the south, sprinkler irrigation accounts for about 60% .


Compared with the irrigation and non-irrigation land, the yield was significantly increased by 1900kg/hm² for wheat and 6300kg/hm² for maize.


Farm irrigation system machinery stage


With the development of irrigation and the progress of science and technology, sprinkler irrigation has a tendency to gradually replace the original surface irrigation in the irrigated area of intensive agriculture. Some water conservancy companies and scientific research institutes pay more attention to the basic research of irrigation agriculture and water management. This makes France in the middle of this century, in the design and manufacture of irrigation equipment has a great development, irrigation equipment is more advanced, applicability and diversification. There are so many irrigation companies engaged in the development, production of various modern irrigation equipment such as coil type sprinkler, large line frame sprinkler, micro-irrigation equipment and accessories, etc.


Take a farm in the south of France for example, the farmer has 200hm² land, 5 workers, planting wheat, corn, rape, and about a dozen farm irrigation system machinery which is mainly irrigated by sprinkler.


The types of farm irrigation system machinery


Reel sprinkling irrigation machine


Reel sprinkling irrigation machine was invented in 1970. It has maintained its leading position in the world until now. This machine boasts a lot of advantages: water saving as well as energy saving and it allows to control the amount of water by adjusting the walking speed of carrying car; wider range of water quality requirements, applicable to a variety of water sources.


Large sprinkler irrigation equipment


It refers to a method where the water is transported to the soil surface just like a natural rainfall. Water is distributed with a piping system, powered by pumping. After that it is splashed right into the air with a lawn sprinkler, which disintegrates into tiny declines as well as falls on the ground. As well as it includes mobile rainfall weapon lawn sprinkler irrigation system, center pivot watering system, strong collection as well as irreversible collection irrigation system.


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