Everything You Should Know About Automatic Irrigation System

October 25,2021

automatic irrigation system


What is an agricultural irrigation system?


The agricultural irrigation system, also called automatic irrigation system, is a comprehensive measure that uses precipitation and irrigation water efficiently according to the law of crop water demand and local water supply conditions to obtain the best economic, social and ecological benefits of agriculture. In other words, water-saving irrigation includes comprehensive measures such as technology, management, and economy, and is not a single method.


The automatic irrigation system is a set of solutions proposed to save water under the premise of ensuring the water demand of agricultural crops. The smart agricultural irrigation system simply means that agricultural irrigation does not require human control. The system can automatically sense when and how long it takes to irrigate; the smart agricultural irrigation system can automatically turn on irrigation or turn off irrigation; it can achieve that when the soil is too dry, the amount of sprinkling irrigation is increased, and when the soil is too wet, the amount of sprinkling irrigation is reduced.


Working principle


When the agricultural irrigation system is working, the humidity sensor collects the dry humidity signal in the soil, the detected humidity signal is converted by the A/D module, and the standard current analog signal is converted into a humidity digital signal, which is input to the programmable controller. The programmable controller presets 50%-60%RH as the standard humidity value. The actual measured humidity signal is compared with 50%-60%RH and can be divided into three conditions: within this range, beyond this range, and less than this range.


The programmable controller transmits the control signal to the frequency converter, and the frequency converter adjusts the motor speed according to the humidity value. An electric motor drives a pump to draw water from the water source. When irrigation is needed, the solenoid valve is automatically opened, and the main pipe and branch pipe are used as sprinklers. When water is delivered, the sprinklers automatically rotate at their respective rotation angles. The solenoid valve is automatically closed at the end of irrigation. In order to prevent the nozzles far away from the water source from being supplied with sufficient pressure, a pressure gauge is installed on the side of the solenoid valve to ensure that the water pressure of each nozzle meets the set sprinkling range and avoid the phenomenon that the nozzle range is reduced due to insufficient water pressure. The whole system works in coordination to realize intelligent control of lawn irrigation.


In summary, to realize intelligent irrigation, the system needs programmable controllers, sensors, A/D modules, frequency converters, motors, water pumps, solenoid valves, pipe networks, sprinklers and other equipment.


What are the characteristics of automatic irrigation systems?


  1. The system is modularized and hierarchically designed to improve efficiency, increase maintainability, and facilitate expansion;


  1. Flexible hardware configuration, users can upgrade and replace the controlled hardware devices at will, without changing the software;


  1. Friendly man-machine interface, realize unattended irrigation process, reduce the work intensity of personnel, and improve irrigation efficiency;


  1. The ability to resist electromagnetic interference is strong, ensuring that the system can operate reliably in the harsh environment of strong electromagnetic interference in the field;


  1. The function of automatic fault detection improves the robustness of the system, and the layout of various equipment is required to be beautiful.


Where to invest in automatic irrigation system?


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