How Does The Large Farm Irrigate?

November 01,2021

Domestic large farms are mainly concentrated in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, with vast land and sparse population, large per capita land area and high land flatness, which has inherent advantages for the formation of farms. With the introduction of land transfer policies in recent years, small-scale land intensification has been promoted, and there are more and more large farms in China. How does this large-area farm irrigate?


irrigation system


There are two standard configurations for farm irrigation: first, automatic irrigation system, such as large sprinkler or drip irrigation system; second, irrigation control system.


Automatic irrigation system


The large-scale irrigation of the farm must be supported by the automatic irrigation system. At present, the mainstream automatic irrigation systems are: large sprinkler irrigation system and drip irrigation system. Large sprinkler irrigation machines are used in the north and drip irrigation systems are used in the south, which is related to factors such as climate, land area and land flatness. We are the leading automatic irrigation wholesaler, plz feel free to contact us!




⭕Low cost investment


For a 600 meter long central supporting shaft sprinkler, the price of one is about 450000, the irrigation area can be covered is about 1820 mu, the service life is about 20-30 years, and the average annual cost per mu is only 12.3 yuan, which is quite low; The difference is that the initial investment of the central supporting shaft sprinkler irrigation machine is large, and the use benefit is greater and greater with the increase of service life.


⭕High degree of automation


Even the lowest equipped central supporting shaft sprinkler irrigation machine can realize simple automatic irrigation. The high configuration version can even realize intelligent irrigation control. With computer or mobile phone operation, one person can control several or even dozens of sprinkler irrigation machines.


⭕High irrigation uniformity


Compared with the traditional flood irrigation, sprinkler irrigation machine can realize uniform irrigation without flowing into a river on the ground and a desert on the other side.


⭕The irrigation amount can be adjusted


The water demand of different crops and different growth periods is different. The sprinkler irrigation machine can meet the requirements of irrigation volume differentiation by adjusting the running speed.


Irrigation control system


The irrigation control system solves the problem of remote control and breaks the space limit of administrators. Administrators can turn on, off and adjust irrigation parameters anytime and anywhere through mobile phones, which truly realizes intelligent irrigation management.


Compared with the Central Branch axis sprinkler with high configuration and intelligent control, the advantage of the irrigation control system is that it can provide more scientific irrigation decision-making based on the measured soil moisture data of the farm; At the same time, provide irrigation effect feedback after irrigation.


The irrigation control system is composed of soil moisture sensing equipment, irrigation control equipment, water pump or solenoid valve control equipment and mobile wechat data platform. The control range of an irrigation control equipment can reach about 2000 mu.


Its core and innovation lies in selecting the representative points of each irrigation zone and installing soil moisture sensing equipment to analyze the dynamic water storage of soil and calculate the prediction of crop water consumption; The soil moisture sensing equipment outputs all data to the irrigation control equipment for calculating the appropriate irrigation time and irrigation duration; At the same time, the water pump or solenoid valve control equipment performs decision-making and controls the water pump or solenoid valve for irrigation.


The irrigation control system solves the current situation that irrigation decision-making depends on manual experience. At the same time, the administrator can manually input a reasonable irrigation value according to his own experience by comparing the irrigation time recommended by the system, so as to combine agronomic management and irrigation control to create a more scientific and accurate quality management.


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