It’s Time for Your Farm to Try Pivot Irrigation System

November 01,2021

According to the needs of the crop, it is necessary to apply water to the crop in an accurate amount and time. Therefore, irrigation is a very delicate farm practice. Floppy sprinkler irrigation system has been widely used in farms in recent years. Under normal circumstances, they will wholesale floppy sprinkler irrigation system. But due to blindly imitation, this may not be suitable for all fields. In fact, there is another irrigation system, that is, pivot irrigation system. Today, we will mainly discuss it!


pivot irrigation system


What is the pivot irrigation system?


Pivot irrigation system is also called central pivot automatic irrigation system. The central pivot is a mechanical automatic irrigation system that can irrigate crops in a circular pattern around the central pivot. It consists of radial tubes supported by a tower rotating around a central point. Along the radial tube, the nozzles are equally spaced. With the rotation, water is released from the nozzle and irrigates the crops. In a system using radial pipes, water travels in a straight line along the field, and all nozzles cover the same area and have the same flow rate. Therefore, the pivot system provides a high degree of uniformity of the applied water. Since the sprinklers close to the pivot cover a smaller area, their water flow is smaller than the water flow near the end of the pivot, and each sprinkler of the latter covers a larger area. Depending on the length of the radial tube, the central pivot system can occupy about 130 acres (53 hectares) in the case of a linear system, and about 155 acres (63 hectares) in the case of a corner or swing arm system. Therefore, the system is used for irrigation of large areas of farmland.


The merits of using pivot irrigation system


The pivot system is the most effective type of automatic irrigation system. In addition to irrigating the fields in a short period of time, the system also supports the application of fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, the central pivot system can improve irrigation efficiency by using a single solenoid valve to perform several important farming methods.


In addition to the above advantages, the central pivot system also has many other advantages, including: water uniformity, no manual labor, operate under lower pressure, thereby saving energy, preventing water loss, using timers. You can adjust the amount of water added and sprinkle water every day at a specific time during the day or night. The central pivot system is suitable for almost all crops, including arable crops, vegetables and fruit trees. Due to the semi-automatic operation of the central pivot and its lateral movement, it can easily manage the water level in the soil. Depending on site management and design and installation, the water supply efficiency is as high as 80%.


Some drawbacks of using pivot irrigation system


There is no perfect automatic irrigation system. This system is no exception. The negatives related to the central axis point include: high initial cost, high maintenance cost, not suitable for irrigating rectangular or square fields, the surface of the field should be flat, not suitable for irrigation under strong wind conditions; uneven water application may occur, and may take away the fertilizer.


The central pivot automatic irrigation system is a type of overhead sprinkler irrigation. This is a unique system. The difference from other systems is that it is recommended to use a specific field shape for proper irrigation, so as to irrigate the round field most effectively. Many farmers do not know that this system has many advantages that other systems cannot provide. In addition to water management, it also improves the efficiency of water use and improves the overall productivity and profitability of the farm. Can’t wait? If you are looking for a pivot irrigation system exporter, we will be your best choice.