Some Questions Of Automatic Irrigation Asked By Most Customers

October 27,2021

When manual watering used for agriculture were not efficient, we began to select automatic irrigation system to improve agriculture, garden irrigation and fertilization problems, and at the same time reduce the problem of water waste. As an automatic irrigation wholesaler, we will sort out the answers for you according to some of the questions frequently asked by our customers for your reference and choice.


automatic irrigation


How does automatic irrigation system works?

The automated irrigation system can also be called an intelligent irrigation system, which is composed of sensors, an intelligent gateway, a background monitoring system, a wireless solenoid valve, and a water supply system. 


The first is that the sensor monitors the temperature and humidity of the soil and transmits it to the smart gateway to enter the cloud center and enter the mobile terminal through the cloud center. The mobile terminal will process the signal from the sensor (such as conversion, filtering, and amplifying) and then convert it. When the detected humidity value is less than the preset value, the wireless solenoid valve will open to deliver water to the nozzle, and the nozzle will rotate and spray water at different angles. In the same way, when the detected humidity reaches the set value, the mobile phone terminal will control the wireless solenoid valve to close the irrigation to end.


In the actual installation process, a pressure gauge will be installed on the side of the wireless solenoid valve. This is to prevent the nozzles far away from the water source from reducing the range of the nozzles due to insufficient water pressure. The entire system is coordinated with each other to realize the intelligent control of irrigation in the irrigation area, which can effectively improve the efficiency of automated production, reduce labor costs and management costs, and significantly improve benefits. More importantly, it is also a very effective way to save water resources and improve the efficiency of water use.


To realize smart irrigation, smart gateways, sensors, frequency converters, motors, pumps, solenoid valves, water supply pipe networks, sprinklers, etc. are needed. 


Corresponding role of equipment

Smart gateway: Responsible for issuing and receiving various program instructions, it is the center of the control system;  


Sensors: The sensors used in the smart irrigation system include temperature and humidity sensors, rainfall sensors, light sensors, wind speed sensors, and soil moisture sensors, which collect soil moisture signals, whether there is rain, sun intensity, wind speed and other environmental data for judgment. Whether irrigation is needed to provide a basis. 


Electric motor, water pump: Pump water from the water source and provide sufficient pressure for sprinkler irrigation. Wireless solenoid valve: Receive the gateway signal and control whether to supply water for irrigation. Water supply network: transport irrigation water to all parts of the irrigation area. Sprinkler: spray evenly to facilitate full absorption by crops. 


The benefits we can get from the automatic irrigation system

1. Different irrigation methods can be selected according to the specific conditions of the system construction area, which maximizes the utilization rate of irrigation water;


2. The wireless network technology is adopted to truly realize remote monitoring of farmland irrigation and reduce labor intensity;


3. The crop irrigation decision-making software can introduce an expert decision-making system to quantitatively evaluate the water demand information of different crops in different regions at different growth stages;


4. A flow meter is added to the irrigation equipment to accurately control the amount of irrigation water. The system meets the demand for improving irrigation water utilization in high-efficiency agriculture and precision agriculture, achieves the purpose of water-saving irrigation and realizes the automation of the irrigation process, and has great promotion and application value.


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