The Introduction of the Automatic Irrigation System

October 23,2021

I believe everyone is familiar with the word “automation”. In this fast-developing and high-tech era, automation is applied to real life. Today this article mainly introduces agricultural automatic irrigation system. First of all, let's briefly understand what is an automated irrigation system.


What is the Automatic Irrigation System


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The automatic irrigation system has a wide range of applications and is suitable for almost all dry crops, such as grains, vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs. Agriculture is a big water user,


In recent years, agricultural water consumption has accounted for about 62% of the total social water consumption, and in some areas it has reached more than 90%. The efficiency of agricultural water use is not high and the potential for water saving is great. Vigorously developing agricultural water saving, expanding irrigation area, and increasing irrigation guarantee rate are important measures to promote the sustainable use of water resources, ensure national food security, and accelerate the transformation of economic development patterns.


Promoting the application of automatic irrigation systems will not only help save water resources, increase water use rates, increase yields and quality, but also contribute to water-saving construction and improvement.


The Advantages of the Automatic Irrigation System


First of all, the design of automatic integration of technology saves human resources. We all know that fertilizing and irrigating large areas of farmland is a huge project. The agricultural intelligent irrigation system realizes man-machine operation, which is simple and convenient, and greatly reduces labor costs.


Secondly, this automatic irrigation system also saves the cost of water resources. It can collect soil moisture data and effectively control the amount of water used for irrigation. It is also equipped with a circulation system to save water resources.


Another major advantage of the automatic irrigation system is that the work efficiency is greatly improved and the time cost is low.


The automatic irrigation system saves manpower, resources and time, and effectively improves the efficiency and output of agricultural work.


The Application of the Automatic Irrigation System


The automatic irrigation system has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for almost all dry crops, such as cereals, vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal materials and so on. In agriculture, different crops have different irrigation requirements, irrigation time and irrigation water volume, and the application of automatic irrigation systems can well realize scientific irrigation.


In addition, the automatic irrigation system can be used not only for crop irrigation, but also for garden grass, flower irrigation, etc. It is a good "helper" for agriculture and forestry to carry out intelligent and precise irrigation. The automatic irrigation system uses advanced scientific and technological methods to monitor soil moisture and other data. It can scientifically and effectively control irrigation according to crop water demand.


Nowadays, many countries have invested in automatic irrigation systems in agricultural production. If you are looking for a automatic irrigation system exporter, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products. Any interests, welcome to contact us.