The Reasons Why You Choose Boom Irrigation System

October 23,2021

China has always been a major agricultural country with a farming civilization for thousands of years. From then on, we have summarized many various irrigation methods. From flood irrigation in the past, boom irrigation system has begun to be used by more and more people with the development of science and technology.


boom irrigation system


Irrigation is the root of the growth and harvest of crops. Like the invention of water-saving irrigation technology in Israel, it not only creates a desert miracle, but also makes Israel's agricultural production technology famous all over the world. So, have you ever heard of boom irrigation system? Why use it?


What is a boom irrigation system?


The boom irrigation system consists of one or more pipes containing nozzles, and when the system moves over the plants, the nozzles water the plants. It is usually hung on a single or double elevated track system connected to a truss or greenhouse frame, and can also be hung on a trolley in the aisle. Water is supplied by trailing hoses and powered by battery packs or power cables.


Fixed or variable speed gear motors are usually used to power the boom. Manufacturers use low-power DC motors to achieve different driving speeds, which can provide speeds of 25 to 250 feet per minute, allowing light fog or thorough immersion.


Advantages of boom irrigation system


The ability to easily and quickly program different irrigation plans allows the system to easily adapt to changing weather or plant material types and arrangements. The control functions available now range from simple to complex. The basic system will allow variable speed, multiple passes and be able to control the time interval between irrigation cycles.


More sophisticated controls make it possible to start the irrigator at a specific time of the day or week. Multiple watering programs are possible, each program has its own start and stop time, travel speed, multiple passes and repetition time intervals. The interface software can be used to remotely start, program or monitor the boom through a PC. They can also be controlled based on decisions made by the grower's environmental computer or prompted by other external devices that measure factors such as solar load or soil moisture content.


When choosing a boom system, you need to pay attention to many safety factors, so you can get a good rest knowing that the machine is operating normally. These include automatic shutdown in the event of a collision with obstacles, low water pressure or power failure, and the ability to remotely sound an alarm in the greenhouse.


If used properly, the boom system can spray water, fertilizers, fungicides and other chemicals, far more efficient than fixed sprinkler systems or manual sprayers. By saving labor, water, and fertilizer, the investment in the boom system can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time—usually a year or less. Their advantages include:


  • Compared with manual watering or fixed sprinkler systems, it uses water, fertilizers and chemicals more efficiently;


  • Consistent application of uniformity and timeliness to obtain more consistent quality and less crop loss;


  • Enhanced rooting and germination and stronger plug growth (small cell plugs do benefit);


  • It can reduce or eliminate the channels required for manual watering, thereby increasing the effective planting area. The boom system is also suitable for outdoor crop production areas;


The modernization of agriculture is continuous popularizing. There equipment can facilitate our lives and save our labor cost. If you want to wholesale boom irrigation system, please consult us at any time, professional service and high quality products is available. Welcome to contact us by