The Working Principle Of Farm Irrigation

November 01,2021

Agricultural water consumption accounts for about 70% of the total global water consumption. However, agricultural irrigation efficiency is generally low which means we have wasted  tremendous amount of water. Thus solving the problem of agricultural irrigation water is very important to alleviate the shortage of water resources. At this time, intelligent agricultural irrigation system emerged in this context.


What’s farm Irrigation system?


farm irrigation system machinery


Agricultural irrigation system refers to a comprehensive measures to make full advantages of precipitation and irrigation water according to the natural demand of crops and local water supply conditions, so as to obtain the best agricultural economic benefits, social benefits and ecological environmental benefits. In other words, water-saving irrigation includes comprehensive measures such as agriculture machinery equipment, farm irrigation system machinery, and management and economy, rather than a single means.


The working principle of agriculture machinery equipment


The first step


Once agricultural irrigation system works, the humidity sensor will collect the condition of  humidity of the soil, and then the inspected humidity signal will be converted through A/D module. Finally, it will transmit the current signal into digital signal and then transfer to the programmable controller. 


The preset humidity data ranges from 50%-60%. the agriculture machinery equipment will compare the measured humidity data with the preset data. And then it will appear three types of conditions: equal to the range, lower than the range, higher than range.


The second step


The signal will be transferred to the inverter and the inverter will adjust the motor speed according to the humidity value. The motor drives the water pump from the water source, the need for watering, the solenoid valve will instantly open, with the major pipe and also branch pipe for the sprinkler head water, sprinkler head with their respective rotation Angle automatic turning. The solenoid valve closes immediately at the end of watering. To avoid that the sprinkler head much from the water source can not be provided with adequate stress, a stress gauge is mounted on one side of the solenoid shutoff to make sure that the water stress of the sprinkler head fulfills the collection sprinkler irrigation array, so as to prevent the sensation that the sprinkler range is decreased due to inadequate water pressure. The whole system worked with the work to recognize the smart control of lawn watering.




In conclusion, to accomplish smart irrigation, the system needs programmable controller, sensor, A/D component, regularity converter, motor, water pump, solenoid valve, pipeline network and also sprinkler head as well as various other equipment.


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