Types Of Irrigation Systems For Greenhouses

October 22,2021

The irrigation systems used in the greenhouse are classified according to the types of emitters used, mainly including the following.


sprinkler gun irrigation system


Pipeline irrigation system


Pipeline irrigation system is a system that directly installs a certain number of control valves and irrigation hoses on the field water supply pipeline, manually opens the valves and irrigates with irrigation hoses. In most cases, an irrigation hose can be moved between several control valves to save investment. Irrigation hose generally adopts soft plastic pipe or rubber pipe, such as PE hose, PVC hose, rubber hose, plastic coated hose, etc. If necessary, a sprayer or spray gun can also be added at the end of the hose to obtain special spraying irrigation effect. Pipeline irrigation system has the outstanding characteristics of strong adaptability, simple installation and use, convenient management and low investment. Moreover, there is almost no blockage problem in irrigation. It only needs to adopt simple purification and filtration measures, and the water quality of water source is not high. Therefore, it is widely used in greenhouse.


Drip irrigation system


Drip irrigation system refers to the irrigation system in which the emitters flow out to irrigate crops in the form of drip or continuous small water flow. Drip irrigation systems are generally arranged on the ground surface of greenhouse, and underground drip irrigation systems with drippers or drip irrigation pipes buried 30 cm underground are also adopted. Drip irrigation is one of the most advanced greenhouse irrigation methods. The use of drip irrigation in greenhouse in low-temperature season can avoid the disadvantages of excessive indoor humidity after irrigation by other irrigation methods, which is easy to cause crop diseases. Therefore, drip irrigation is usually the first choice in greenhouse irrigation. Drip irrigation in greenhouse has the advantages of labor saving, water saving, energy saving, high quality, yield increasing, wide adaptability and easy to realize automatic control. It can also cooperate with fertilization equipment to accurately carry out topdressing or pesticide application with water. The disadvantages of drip irrigation are high equipment investment and poor anti blocking performance of the system, so drip irrigation has high requirements for water quality. When selecting the drip irrigation system, complete water purification and filtration equipment shall be configured according to the water quality, and necessary maintenance measures shall be taken during use to prevent system blockage.


Micro sprinkler irrigation system


Micro sprinkler irrigation system refers to the irrigation system in which the emitters are used to spray water to irrigate crops. The emitters of common micro sprinkler irrigation systems include various micro nozzles, micro spray belts, spray guns, etc. The micro sprinkler irrigation system with micro sprinkler is used in the greenhouse. Generally, the micro sprinkler is hung upside down on the greenhouse skeleton for irrigation, so as to avoid the impact of the micro sprinkler irrigation system on other operations in the field.


Micro spray belt micro irrigation system


Micro spray belt micro irrigation system is an irrigation system using micro spray belt as emitter. Micro spray belt is an emitter that directly processes water holes on the flattenable thin-walled plastic hose for irrigation. One of the characteristics of this micro spray belt is that it can be used as drip irrigation or micro drip irrigation. Covering it under the plastic film and using the plastic film to refract the water flow can make the water from the micro spray belt form an effect similar to drip irrigation. Laying it directly on the ground, the water from the micro spray belt can form a micro spray irrigation effect similar to drizzle. In the greenhouse, it is covered under the plastic film as drip irrigation in low temperature season, and can be used as micro sprinkler irrigation in high temperature season. It is an economic and practical greenhouse irrigation equipment, especially suitable for productive greenhouses with low irrigation requirements such as plastic greenhouses and solar greenhouses.


Infiltration irrigation system


Infiltration irrigation is an irrigation method that uses the infiltration irrigation buried underground to infiltrate the pressure water through the invisible micro holes on the pipe wall of the infiltration pipe and moisten the surrounding soil like sweating.


Walking sprinkler


Greenhouse walking sprinkler irrigation machine is also a micro sprinkler irrigation system in essence, but it is a micro sprinkler irrigation system with high irrigation uniformity and movable use. During operation, the walking sprinkler runs on the walking track suspended on the greenhouse skeleton, and the irrigation operation is carried out through the micro sprinkler installed on both sides of the sprinkler. Greenhouse walking sprinkler irrigation machine is usually equipped with fertilization or dosing equipment to facilitate the fertilization or spraying of crops; At the same time, the micro nozzle with replaceable nozzle is adopted, and the appropriate nozzle can be selected for spraying operation according to different crops or spraying purposes.


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