Why Farm Irrigation System Machinery

October 22,2021

There is a lot of water for agricultural irrigation, and the use of farm irrigation system machinery can improve efficiency and alleviate water shortages.


The agricultural irrigation system is a comprehensive measure that uses precipitation and irrigation water efficiently according to the law of crop water demand and local water supply conditions to obtain the best economic, social and ecological benefits of agriculture. In other words, water-saving irrigation includes comprehensive measures such as technology, management, and economy, and is not a single method.


farm irrigation system machinery


Benefits of irrigation

  • There is more flexibility in the system/operation, because the ability to obtain water is necessary when it is difficult for plants to achieve good growth (due to insufficient soil moisture). Moreover, suitable irrigation allows producers to obtain higher yields and meet market/seasonal demands.
  • Extend the growing season (or enter the season earlier)
  • There is insurance against seasonal changes and drought.
  • Maximize the benefits of fertilizer application. Fertilizers need to be poured on the ground to maximize plant growth.
  • Use the market to incentivize non-seasonal production
  • Save costs/get greater returns.


Working principle of agricultural irrigation system

When the industrial irrigation system is working, the humidity sensor collects the dry humidity signal in the soil, and the detected humidity signal is converted by the A/D module, and the standard current analog signal is converted into a humidity digital signal, which is input to the programmable controller. The programmable controller presets 50%-60%RH as the standard humidity value. The actual measured humidity signal is compared with 50%-60%RH and can be divided into: within this range, beyond this range, and less than this range three conditions.


If you want to realize smart irrigation, what needs to be considered in the design

1. To realize those features of the intelligent agricultural watering system, it is important to help make complete use the command function of the programmable controller. To discover the feature of automatically sensing ground moisture, the system should possess a dirt wetness sensing unit. In order to understand the correction of the quantity of irrigation water, a frequency converter is essential. Pre-set fifty%-60%RH in the programmable controller as the typical humidity, and also the humidity analog indicator accumulated due to the sensing unit is actually exchanged an electronic sign by the A/D component.

2. Intending for the reduced application coefficient of watering water, this paper designs an embedded smart irrigation management system. Counting on the cordless sensor system to accumulate the water requirement relevant information of the crops in the irrigation place, acquire it to the gateway nodule and send it to the principal control center. Management satisfies the needs of large-scale irrigation. Depending on to monitorings in the demo location, the irrigation water application coefficient has been actually improved coming from 0.6 to 0.9. The system blends wireless noticing, computing and system communication innovation to solve the essential specialized problems that need to have to become addressed urgently in preciseness farming.

3. The smart farming watering system includes a wide array of higher and brand new modern technologies like sensor modern technology, automated command innovation, computer science, cordless communication innovation, and so on. The application of these brand new innovations has actually prepared an important foundation for the makeover of China's farming coming from standard labor-intensive to technology-intensive. The basics.

4. The intelligent farming watering unit can maximize the water usage depending on to the sorts of vegetations and dirt, the amount of illumination, as well as may additionally keep an eye on the dampness of the ground after the storm. Depending on to the research study reality, compared with standard irrigation units, the cost of intelligent agricultural irrigation devices concerns the same, however water may be conserved by 16% to 30%.


As a farm irrigation system machinery supplier, we recommend using irrigation systems to increase agricultural water use and achieve the goal of saving water resources.